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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

KiroStudio - Malaysian Mobile Application Source

If you are looking for mobile application for your mobile phone, i' ll suggest to go for kirostudio apps.

They are offering free, source code included applications.


1. Foxrate - Currency Exchange application for mobile devices (cellphones and PDA). Supports updating currency rate from remote server, requires at least MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.1.

2. Kirodict - Kirodict is a mobile lightweight dictionary application which runs on JavaME compatible devices.Kirodict does not store the word definition on the phone itself, rather it retrieve the definition from an RFC2229 compatible dictionary server via the internet. Kirodict is designed to be customizable, in which it can be expanded to include other dictionaries without increasing the size of the application itself.

3. MobiBMI - A mobile JavaME application that calculates Body Mass Index (BMI)

4. Mobimoon - Display Moon Phase and Hijri date in your mobile phone (J2ME / JavaME)

5. Mycallsign - A mobile phone application which simplifies the task of looking up Malaysian Amateur Radio callsign while on the move. The user only need to key-in the ham callsign that he/she wished to enquire, and the application will automatically display the relevant information related to the hamradio operator.

6. Notehax - NoteHax is a simple Note application for mobile phone. It is compatible with any JavaME compatible phone that supports at least MIDP 2.0 / CLDC 1.0 specification. NoteHax supports sending notes to other phones via SMS and ) Bluetooth (later, on supported phone) Tested on Nokia S60 3rd ed, Sony Ericsson Z and K series and Nokia S40 3rd ed phones

What are you waiting for ? go to http://kirostudio.com/ now!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

PocketPacket - An APRS Client For Iphone

PocketPacket is an APRS client for your iPhone/iPod Touch. The "Automatic Position Reporting System" is a packet communication protocol used by amateur radio operators (HAMs) around the world, to report position, status, station capabilities, weather or other information in real time.

PocketPacket incorporates a software-based TNC, allowing you to directly capture and visualize 1200 baud packets (AFSK modulation) using a VHF radio transceiver. With PocketPacket you can also get and send packets over the Internet, by selecting one of the available Tier 2 servers of the global APRS-IS network.

Incoming data is presented on a map, as most packets define some object, with a specific symbol and location. By selecting a symbol, you can view the latest information sent for the corresponding object, as well as the raw packets that produced it. All available objects are also shown in a list, which allows you to search for the ones you are looking for.

With PocketPacket you can follow the status of the APRS network or submit your station's info from anywhere. Monitor moving objects, get real time weather reports directly from local stations and more. Now, with an iPhone/iPod Touch and PocketPacket, you can have a full-fledged picture of packet activity in a small, portable package - ideal for field work or the ham shack.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ubuntu GNU/Linux Lucid Lynx Beta 1 Is Now Available

Ubuntu is a free operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux. Usefull to all ham radio operator for a Microsoft Windows replacement. Free means you are free to download, distribute, adding new codes, do whatever you want to do under GPL.

Ubuntu can help you to do your daily task

* decoding morse, psk31, mfsk, olivia,
* logging
* frequency analysis
* satellite tracking
* designing antennas
* watching videos
* listen to mp3s,
* browsing the internet
* and many more

p/s: this is beta version. To all hams, if you want a complete distro please try shackbox ( suitable for emergency case )

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Morsetexter - Send SMS Using Morse Code For Symbian V2 Phones

Morsetexter is an application to send SMS using morse code for symbian V2.X phones. It is not for latest symbian phone such as symbian 3rd or 5th versions. This application is good to amateur radio operators to sharpen their morse code sending skills. To iphone users, try iditdah from KB1OOO.

How To Tweet From Ham Radio Using APRS And 73s.org

How this things work ?

When you send a message to "73s" using your APRS setup, the 73s computer will pickup the message that you sent and relay it out to Twitter. For more information, visit http://73s.org.

Ham Radio Using Linux

Ham radio and linux is my main passion right now. im writing this post to encourage all ham radio operators to consider using open source operating system for their everyday task such as controlling their rigs, logging, plotting, creating new electronic circuits, designing new antennas, encoding or decoding morse code, psk31, rtty, APRS tracking system and much more.

LinuxJournal magazine has already covered linux and ham radio on their past edition. Check out http://www.linuxjournal.com/ham. Thanks to David A. Lane, KG4GIY. One of Fedora members also wrote a guide to amateur radio on his website, http://jjmcd.fedorapeople.org/amateur-radio-guide/. Ubuntu got it's own wiki for amateur radio, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AmateurRadio.

Quote of the day

"A Linux box is both a powerful communications platform and a really neat gadget! What ham could resist? - Jerry KF6VB"
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